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susanbutuk's Journal

6 January 1987
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I am a slight girly-girl, I love all things pink, my dream car is a pink VW Beetle and I have a matching pink phone and pink LG laptop. I love fashion and shopping and I have a shoe fetish! I love high-heeled shoes in all shapes and colours, and yes I do have pink shoes, two pairs. :]

Even though I am a girly-girl, I am also very interested in cars and I am a geek. Yes, appearance and a pink phone can be decieving. I study economics and IT-management (the geek in me), and my plan in life is to be rich. My studies are quite “boring” and theoretical, but I like to be creative, I draw, make clothes, Vexel, take photographs and other fun creative things like making christmas decorations and embroidery.

fashion, girly-girl, high-heeled shoes, lg laptop, pink vw beetle, shoe fetish, shopping